Amazon Echo Look "First Look"

Just got my Amazon Echo Look today. First impressions: It is smaller than I expected (good), and looks kinda cute. I don't like the power cord location - it plugs into the back in the middle.

Camera does have two mounting screws so I think it will work will a regular tripod stand too.

It has a set of very strong white LEDs for illuminating the photo. This will be very help in a closet or darker dressing area where it might be used. The image and video quality is excellent. Optimized for selfie's the default photo is vertical and fills the whole screen.

My only "gripe" is that the AI-based "style check" thinks I look better in a white polo than an Apple T-Shirt. (Conspiracy or coincidence?)

For security, there is a button on the side you can press to disable both camera and microphone and the center ring changes color to indicate this. (Personally, I wish they had put a mechanical sliding cover over the lens - that would have gone a long way to provide foolproof privacy mode.)

It has a built-in check for the local Wi-Fi and warns you if you try to use it without a LAN (don't know if this is a bandwidth/technical issue or security limitation).

Overall, I think this a fun product, the price is reasonable, and I think it will be a big hit. I can see how people (m or f) that like to swap clothes or compare fashion would truly enjoy using it as a social activity ("style check" parties, anyone?)

I applaud Amazon for taking the chance on this - instead of yet another me-too home IP-Cam they have produced a fresh take and explored a new product niche. As a geek, I really wish they had snuck in ONVIF video support. It would actually make quite a nice home security camera connected to SecuritySpy NVR, but alas, it is not aimed as serious folks like most of MGG.