RS Development Group specializes in providing Technology Consulting and Concierge Mac Services for companies and individuals




Experienced Consultants and Analysts

RS Development Group is the current evolution of the consultancy / technology services firm founded by Robert E. Spivack, SPIV Technologys Group.  Founded over 10 years ago, the firm provided im-depth technical assessment and market research for Silicon Valley startups and mid-market companies.  During the Dot Com era, the firm evolved into a systems integrator and then a web services company providing web hosting, co-location, and virtual servers under the moniker.

Operating Principles


Fixed-Cost, Predictable Fee Structure

The philosophy of RS Development Group is to provide expert consulting and technology services eschewing the typical overpriced hourly fees of both big and small consulting firms.  It is our strong belief that when neither the analyst nor the clent has to “watch the clock” and track hourly activities, the quality of information provided and results achieved is much greater.

Technology Consulting Projects are arranged on a fixed-cost, fee for services basis.  Preliminary client meetings are free of charge and a total project cost is calculated and presented before any work is begun.  Small projects are billed 50% in advance and 50% upon completion.  Larger projects are billed in increments commensurate with project scope and progress.

Staff Augmentation, Not Competition

We act on your behalf as a virtual additional employee or member of your team.  We do not work in competition with your own staff or people.  We respectfully decline projects with hidden agendas to embarrass or reveal the shortcomings of internal projects or people.  Our goal is to always be welcomed by all levels of management and employees with our clients’ organization.